Dynamic Shelter Modular

data center modular
dynamic shelter
Efficiency, reliability and low cost

Currently with the Cloud concept, energy efficiency and critical operations, the demand for data and distributed environments increases.

And this requires the implementation of agile, immediate and low total cost solutions.
With our modular and packaged Dynamic Shelter design, organizations can see the direct benefits in their operation: all in a modular data center, prefabricated, repeatable and operationally optimized.

Each modular structure contains everything necessary for a fast start-up, without setbacks, with minimum requirements of space, time and resources, in a turnkey data center solution. Our Dynamic Shelter is a solution:

  • Dynamic solution: Quick to install, adaptable to critical operating environments.
  • Transportable: Transportable modular structure container type, which allows its rapid installation and operation.
  • Scalable: The design has the ability to grow in N equal models, generating wider common spaces. (Electric Room, White Room and Mechanical Room).
  • Customizable: Our solution adapts to the requirements of our customers, in terms of configuration and facilities.
  • Low implementation time: The construction and installation of a Modular Data Center is equivalent to only a quarter of the time required to design and install a conventional Data Center of the same physical measurements.


Each Data Center Modular Dynamic Shelter, has the following characteristics and advantages:

  • Engineering and studies carried out previously complying with TIA 942 regulations in relation to TIER II / TIER III.
  • Modular structure, specific construction for the computer room, with spaces not only cold and hot aisle but also promoting proper administration.
  • Population of equipment, utilization of KVMs, administration of network and servers.
  • Construction time equivalent to only 25% of a conventional indoor room.
  • Implementation without discomfort: elimination of parallel processes and organizational traumas for your business (without cuts, long renovations and works, personnel entry to the site, multiple visits for technical tests, etc.).
  • Savings of up to 30% in the total TCO of property (purchase cost, supervision, tenders, preparation, guarantees, services).
  • Determination of powers in support, feeding and cooling to measure and efficient.
  • Solutions suitable for any execution environment (desert, extreme cold, rain, saline environments, dust, etc.).

Characteristics and Technological Structure

The solutions developed by ETICSA for data center infrastructure are based on the design considerations and components of the ANSI / TIA / EIA-942 standard, which are summarized in:


Metallic structure, under seismic zone norm (zone 3)
Perimeter construction F60 and F120
Pressurized room.



Topology according to N, N + 1, 2N or 2N + 1
Power distribution 3Ph / 1Ph
Integration of ATS, PDU manageable / monitorable



Structured cabling CAT 6A / 6
FO OM3 / OM4 MM channels
Active management



Cooling in Row - in Room
Air conditioners to service rooms N + 1 according to TIER


Start-up and start-up
SAT Tests
Maintenance and monitoring
Local and regional guarantee



Monitoring of environmental variables
Thresholds and preventive alerts



Detection and extinction of automatic fire with clean agent (NOVEC 1230)
Access control room / rack / service areas
Perimeter and interior CCTV